Keeping Families Together

We provide help to families that are on the Wandsworth social services system, for both child protection and child in need meetings that take place at Wandsworth council. We work closely with social services, schools and other professionals including parents, to move the family forward and reduce the risk of social services removing the child.

We take self-referrals from parents as well as Children Social Services and other charities. This is an early intervention project. The earlier we receive the referral, the better chance in support the family to the best of our ability.

For children, including runaway children and those associated with gang culture, we support them through their toughest times, by listening to their concerns, and building their self-esteem and confidence. Our one-on-one sessions are also connected to our Youth Café.

For parents, we support in understanding section 47 assessments and why that assessment is carried out. We also explain section 20, how it works and what is expected from the family and the young person before social services removing the child.

We also provide either one-on-one, or group sessions of parenting classes. We focus on the positive things with the families and young people, and address the things that need to be improved. We work closely with the families to make these improvements

We support parents that are going through the private family court system and in filing out c100 child arrangement forms. We also provide statements for Family Courts. For this particular support we ask for donations which help support the youth cafe. We also write reports for family courts if requested.

We also support young people and parents who are struggling with mental health issues.

At any time, if we are concerned about a child’s welfare, we will report it to the relevant organisation such as social services, or talk to the safeguarding officer.